You can organize users into the following groups:

Group Name Description
Admin Can execute all API calls and perform any action in the portal, including those involving user access.
Only Admin users can create API keys or modify the company profile.
Regular Can execute API calls and add, remove, or change any product service.
Read-Only Can log in to the portal, view all services, and download billing statements, but cannot make any changes.

A user can be in multiple groups. However, the lowest-level permissions apply.

For example, if a user is in the Read-Only group and the Admin group, they will have Read-Only permissions.

Manage Groups

You can view all the users in each group and add users to that group.

To remove a user from a group, they must already have another group associated with their account.

  1. Log in to the PacketFabric portal.

  2. Click Admin.


  3. Under Manage, select Groups.

  4. Click the edit icon under the Manage column.


  5. From here you can do two things:

    • Add a user: From the drop-down menu at the top, select a user and then click Add to Group.
    • Remove a user: Click the remove icon in the user's table row. The user must already be added to another group. If they are not in any other group, an error message appears.