Depending on your user permissions, you can access administrative information by clicking your company name in the upper left of the portal:

Admin drop down menu

Select Groups to view and manage user groups.

Group permissions

You can organize users into the following groups:

  • Header row

    • Group Name
    • Description
  • Row 1

    • Admin
    • Can perform any action, including those involving user access.
  • Row 2

    • Regular
    • Can add, remove, or change any product service.
  • Row 2

    • Read-Only
    • Can view all services and download documents and invoices, but cannot make any changes.
  • Row 2

    • Support
    • Can perform troubleshooting actions, but cannot perform any action that has a financial impact (creating, upgrading, or deleting services) or view any financial information such as billing accounts. .
  • Row 2

    • Sales

    • This group is only available in the Partners portal.

      Has read-only permissions except on the Quoting page, where they can create and manage customer quotes.

For a detailed list of permissions by group, see User Permissions.

Prior to August 2021, a user could be in multiple groups. For these users, the lowest-level permissions apply. For example, if a user is in the Read-Only group and the Admin group, they will have Read-Only permissions.

With recent releases, a user can only be in one group at a time. If you edit the groups of a legacy user who is in multiple groups, you will only be able to select one group.

Add or remove users from a group

Admin users can add and remove users from a group. Click the edit icon in the appropriate table row.

Group table

From here you can do three things:

  • View all the users in each group.
  • Add - From the drop-down menu at the top, select a user and then click Add to group. They are automatically removed from their current group.
  • Remove - Click the remove icon in the user’s table row.
If you remove a user from a group without adding them to a new group, they will be unable to access their PacketFabric account.