Cloud Router Details Pages

To view Cloud Router information, select Details from its overflow menu:

screenshot of the cloud router overflow menu


Cloud Router Details

Billing Details


Router logs

These are router logs for all the Cloud Router connections.

The information that is logged and how it is presented varies depending on the device. Common log messages are BGP neighbor state changes. For example:

State changed from OpenConfirm to Established for AS number <ASN>, event: RecvKeepAlive


State changed from Established to Idle for AS number <ASN>, event: Stop


The History page shows event logs specific to the Cloud Router and its connections. This includes the following:

  • A connection is created
  • BGP settings are configured

If available, you can click Toggle Details to view more information about an event.



Here you can find service orders for the Cloud Router and its connections.

Click Upload File in the upper right to upload any related documents relevant to your network.

To delete a document, switch to the grid view:


From here you can access the Delete action: