September 2, 2021 Release Notes

New features

Stream activity log events (Beta)

You can now use our API to stream activity log events. For more information, see Streaming Events - Beta.

Changes and enhancements

NAT Statistics page

When you enable NAT for a Cloud Router connection, you will now see the NAT Statistics page with more information about the connection.



  • Ability to edit IPSec settings on a Cloud Router VPN connection.
  • To prevent errors, we are disallowing duplicate entries in the allowed prefix lists when configuring BGP for a Cloud Router connection.
  • The ports included in point-to-point and Dedicated cloud connections will begin billing in the same way as PacketFabric access ports. This means that instead of starting billing 15 days after the port is ordered, we will now begin billing after 15 days OR when the port achieves an Operational Status of Up, whichever comes first. For point-to-point connections, both ports must be operationally up.
  • Regardless of how they log in, resellers and reseller customers will be automatically redirected to the branded subdomain.

Bug fixes

  • IPsec stats were not displaying correctly.
  • Submit action unavailable when configuring BGP settings for customer-owned port connections on a Cloud Router.
  • An attribute set after removing a redundant Azure connection was disrupting the BGP traffic of the remaining connection.
  • Updated helper text in the portal for when users select a public IP in a Cloud Router connection.
  • Term/speed drop-down menus disappeared when changing the billing account while ordering a virtual circuit to a Colt-powered port.
  • Status endpoints incorrect when deprovisioning a virtual circuit that lands on a Colt-powered port.
  • No address associated with hostname error incorrectly appearing for IBM cloud connections.