Partners Portal Frequently Asked Questions

How is the portal experience different for reseller customers vs. customers who sign up directly with PacketFabric?


  • Reseller customers do not create billing accounts. As such, when ordering services, reseller customers do not have an option to select a billing account.
  • Reseller customers do not receive invoices from PacketFabric.
  • Reseller customers cannot see the Billing tab in the portal.

All billing is handled between the reseller and the customer.


  • Reseller customers see customized Contact Us information. This information is provided by the reseller.
  • The reseller - and not PacketFabric - provides technical support to their customers.


  • Reseller customers do not have to wait for their account registration to be reviewed and approved.


  • If a reseller performs any actions on behalf of the customer, that activity appears in the customer’s logs.

I want to offer a discount to my customer. How do I do that?

Contact your partner manager and they will work with you to modify pricing accordingly.

My customer just ordered a port. Why isn’t it showing up in my MRR?

The MRR only shows services that are billing. We do not start billing for ports until the cross connect is in place or 15 days after ordering, whichever comes first.