July 7, 2022 Release Notes

New features

Published and provisionable quotes

A new “Publish” action is available for quotes in the Reseller Admin Portal. Once a quote is finalized, you will now see the option to publish it:

Quotes publish action

When you publish a quote, you can select a customer. Once published, the quote appears in that customer’s portal:

Quotes page for customer

From here the customer or a Reseller Admin Portal user with appropriate permissions can provision the quoted services:

Quotes page for customer with provision actions

For more information, see Quoting.

Changes and enhancements


  • The Export to CSV action is now available from the Cloud Routers page.

    Cloud Router to CSV

  • Added three new optic types (limited availability by location): 100Gbps FR, 100Gbps LR1, and 100Gbps DR.

Bug fixes

  • Virtual circuit updates would fail under certain conditions involving ENNI ports.
  • The Cloud Router API was missing _links in the response.
  • The API was returning a 500 error to users downloading the cloud availability CSV.