Create a Point-to-Point Connection

When you create a point-to-point connection, you are also provisioning two new PacketFabric ports.

  1. Log in to the PacketFabric portal.

  2. From the Home page, click Point-to-Point:


Complete the following fields:

Select Source Port Location

Select a site for your source port.

Select Source Port Details
Select Optic
Select the speed and optic for your source port connection.
Select Availability Zone
Select a zone.
Allocating connections within different zones supports redundancy.
Select Destination Port Location

Select the data center location for your destination port.

Select Destination Port Details
Select Optic
The speed and optic must match the one selected for your source port, so you only see one option.
Select Availability Zone
Select a zone.
Allocating connections within different zones supports redundancy.
Package Confirmation
Package Description
Provide a meaningful name for your connection.
Billing and Term Selection
Select the appropriate billing account to associate with this service.
From the Select Subscription Term menu, select a contract length for this connection.
TIP: Note how the Billing Summary numbers change based on the subscription term. Longer contract lengths come at a discounted price.

Review your information. When everything is correct, click Create Point-to-Point.

Per our cancellation terms, you have 24 hours to delete the connection without incurring any costs.

After the first 24 hours have passed, you can only delete services that are on month-to-month contracts.

Next Steps

It might take a few minutes for your connection to provision.

When provisioning is complete, click the overflow menu next to your new point-to-point connection and select Generate LOA.


The following window appears:


From here you can do the following:

  • Change your company name, for example if you are known by a different name in a particular data center.
  • Email one or both LOAs as attachments to the email address of your choice.

When you click Generate, you should see two tabs open with an LOA for each port location. Send these to their respective data centers to build the cross-connects.

NOTE: If you do not see two tabs open, ensure you are allowing pop-ups from

To access these LOAs in the future, click the overflow menu next to the connection and select View Point-to-Point and select Documents from the left menu. All related documents, including LOAs, are available to download from this table.