Upgrade a Google Dedicated Connection

From the Google side, you can increase or decrease the VLAN bandwidth.

From the PacketFabric side, you can upgrade the following:

  • Change the terms to a longer contract. For example, if you are on a month-to-month contract, you can upgrade to a 12-month contract (which comes with a discount).

  • If you are on a metro connection, you can upgrade to long-haul service. This allows you to reach the interconnect from other metros.

  • While you cannot upgrade a virtual circuit, you can create a new one with a higher capacity.

Upgrade from the Google side

Follow Google’s instructions here to upgrade the VLAN attachment capacity: Modifying VLAN attachments

Upgrade from the PacketFabric side

Upgrade the Dedicated cloud connection

  1. Log in to the PacketFabric portal and go to the Dedicated Cloud page.

  2. Click the connection to open its side panel and then select Upgrade/Renew.

  3. A window opens with your upgrade options.

    • If you have a metro connection, you can upgrade to long-haul. This allows you to add virtual circuits from other metros.
    • You can also extend your contract terms to gain a monthly discount.
  4. Click Upgrade Now.

This upgrade is immediate and does not disrupt connection traffic.

Modify virtual circuit capacity

If you are upgrading the VLAN attachment on the Google side, you must create a new virtual circuit to match the increased VLAN attachment capacity.

If you have reduced the VLAN attachment capacity, you can edit the virtual circuit to set a rate limit or create a new virtual circuit.

For more information, see Create and Manage Virtual Circuits for Dedicated Cloud Connections.