Browse the Marketplace

The marketplace is a directory of PacketFabric ecosystem members who have services to offer and are willing to allow other users to request a virtual circuit to their network.

To browse the marketplace, select Marketplace in the menu on the left.

For information on controlling how you appear in the marketplace directory, see Marketplace Settings.


You can filter by location and category.

screenshot of the marketplace filters

  • Row

    • Search Type
    • Case Sensitive
    • Description
  • Row

    • Text

    • No

    • Searches company names and descriptions.

      Also searches service names, descriptions, and categories.

  • Row

    • Routing ID

    • Yes

    • Each customer account has a unique routing ID.

      For customers who are visible in the directory, you can see their routing ID listed under their service locations.

      Customers who do not want to be generally visible in the directory can provide their routing ID to another party. That party can then use the routing ID to search for and find them in the marketplace.

      You can find your company’s routing ID under Admin > Company Profile. For more information, see Customize Your Marketplace Profile.

Request a Connection

From the marketplace, click View Services under a provider.

From here you can view their list of published services.

screenshot of the choose a service window

Click Select next to the service you would like to request. You are redirected to the appropriate virtual circuit order form. For more information, see Create a Marketplace Connection.

NOTE: At this time, the marketplace only includes third-party service providers. For information on connecting to an internet exchange, see Create an IX Connection.