Renew a Point-to-Point Connection

Renewing allows you to enter into a new contract or extend your current contract terms

To renew a connection, go to the Network > Point-to-Point page in the portal. Click one of the table rows to view an overview of that connection, and then click Actions > Renew.

Screenshot of point to point overflow menu

A window opens where you can select contract terms:

upgrade window for point-to-point connections

Note that extending terms essentially cancels your previous contract and begins a new one. For example, if you are currently on a 12-month contract, and then upgrade to a 36-month contract, you are adding 36 full months to your service terms.


  • If moving to a longer term, both the original service and the renewed/extended service are pro-rated for the current month.
  • Once you extend the terms, you cannot return to a shorter contract until your current terms expire.
    When your contract completes, you are automatically reverted back to month-to-month terms.

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