Renew a Point-to-Point Connection

Select Point to Points in the menu on the left. Click one of the table rows to view an overview of that connection.

Under the actions for that connection, click Renew.

Screenshot of point to point actions menu

A window opens where you can select contract terms:

upgrade window for point-to-point connections

Note that extending terms essentially cancels your previous contract and begins a new one. For example, if you are currently on a 12-month contract, and then upgrade to a 36-month contract, you are adding 36 full months to your service terms.


  • If moving to a longer term, both the original service and the renewed/extended service are pro-rated for the current month.
  • Once you extend the terms, you cannot return to a shorter contract until your current terms expire.
    When your contract completes, you are automatically reverted back to month-to-month terms.

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