Upgrade Cloud Connections

From the PacketFabric portal, go to the Hosted Cloud Connectivity page or the Dedicated Cloud Connectivity page. Click the overflow menu next to the connection and select Upgrade.

The options you are presented with depend on the type of cloud connection.

You can upgrade the speed/capacity of the connection.
You can change the terms to a longer contract. For example, if you are on a month-to-month contract, you can upgrade to a 12-month contract (which comes with a discount).

If you are on a metro connection, you can also upgrade to long-haul service. This allows you to reach the interconnect from other metros.

Note that there is no upgrade option for the virtual circuits attached to a dedicated connection. This is because these virtual circuits do not have a recurring monthly cost. To change the capacity of the virtual circuit, you can edit it.

NOTE: When adding capacity to hosted connections or dedicated virtual circuits, you are responsible for adding corresponding capacity to the virtual connections from the CSP side.

CSP-specific notes


Google Cloud Interconnect

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Oracle FastConnect