Delete a Virtual Circuit

IMPORTANT: You can only delete virtual circuits that are on month-to-month contracts. For longer contracts, you can disable the ports or edit the virtual circuit to reduce the rate limit down to 100 Mbps (the lowest possible).

To delete a virtual circuit, log in to the portal and select Network > Virtual Circuits.

Select Delete from the overflow menu next to the virtual circuit you are deleting:

VC overflow menu

A confirmation message appears. Enter “Delete” in the field provided and click Yes, Delete VC.

NOTE: Once deleted, the connection is immediately disconnected, but might take a few minutes to fully delete.

Deleting third-party and IX connections

Only the source (the requester) can delete third-party and IX connections. The virtual circuit is deleted from their side and is also automatically deleted from the third-party/IX’s list of virtual interfaces.

Delete a Service - DEL