Manage Customers

For information on inviting customers and managing invites, see Invite Customers.

Once they have accepted, you can view and manage customers from the Customers page.

View customers

The Customers page displays customers who have accepted one of your invites and set up an account:

screenshot of the customers page

You can view the following information:

  • Header row

    • Field
    • Description
  • Row 1

    • MRR

    • The monthly recurring revenue for services that are currently billing.

      This number might not include newly provisioned ports, as those can take up to 15 days to enter billing.

  • Row 2

    • Ports
    • Number of ports the customer has provisioned.
  • Row 2

    • VCs
    • Number of virtual circuits the customer has provisioned. This includes virtual circuits for cloud connections.
  • Row 2

    • Cloud
    • Number of cloud connections (Dedicated ports and Hosted connections) the customer has.
  • Row 2

    • Last Activity
    • The date and time a customer account user was last active. This includes logging in.
  • Row 2

    • Last Order
    • The date and time a service was last ordered. This includes orders done directly by the customer and orders done by reseller users on behalf of the customer.

Hide inactive customers

Select this option to hide customer accounts that match the following criteria:

  • More than 30 days since the last order
  • More than 30 days since the last activity
  • $0.00 MRR

Order and manage services on behalf of a customer

Go to the Customers page and click View next to the customer:

screenshot of the customers page with the view action highlighted

You are redirected to the dashboard in the customer’s portal view. From here, you can order and manage services on behalf of the customer.

screenshot of the customers page

Note: You can only view one customer at a time in the same browser session.


The permissions on your account in the Reseller Admin Portal carry over when you access a customer account. For example, a Read Only reseller user will have Read Only permissions when viewing customer accounts.


If you access a customer account and perform any actions such as ordering or removing a service, that action appears in the customer activity logs. You are identified by your user name (email address). These actions are not recorded in the activity log for the reseller account.