November 16, 2022 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

  • Cloud Router support for 4 byte ASNs.
  • Added a constraint so that users cannot delete connections with an onramp_pending status.
  • Removed support for negative offsets on paginated routes via the API.
  • Various updates to API documentation to reflect recent development work, including adding is_awaiting_onramp to applicable Hosted connection responses.
  • IPSec and dedicated port Cloud Router connections will now be billed when they are created. Previously, billing did not start until BGP was configured.

Bug fixes

  • POST /v2/services/third-party/hosted/azure included zone when it shouldn’t.
  • GET /v2/services and GET /v2/services/cloud/connections/hosted were improperly returning Cloud Router connections.
  • GET requests to Dedicated cloud virtual circuits were returning the rate limits as null rather than the virtual circuit speed.
  • As per usual, multiple fixes to various internal systems that are too complicated to explain.