August 24, 2022 Release Notes

New features

Notifications for resellers

Customers who are using the Reseller Admin Portal can now receive an email notification when one of their customers provisions or deletes a service.

The notification is sent to all admin contacts of the Reseller Admin Portal.

Changes and enhancements

Colt to Colt virtual circuits

You can now provision virtual circuits between two Colt-powered ports. Previously, we only supported virtual circuits between a PacketFabric port and a Colt-powered port.

For more information, see Colt-Powered Ports.

Bug fixes

  • Various fixes to workflow errors and internal tooling.
  • Users were unable to upgrade hourly virtual circuits.
  • User were unable to select the current speed when renewing services.
  • Users with improperly configured SSO were not seeing the appropriate error message, causing confusion.
  • The API call DELETE /bgp-settings/{id}/prefixes was not working unless performed through the portal.