Cloud Credentials

Currently, we support AWS and Google cloud credentials.

Once obtained, you can manage cloud credentials from Admin > Cloud Credentials:

Cloud credentials page

NOTE: You can also add and manage credentials from the Cloud Settings tab on the details page of an existing connection or when you select Provision cloud side of the connection when creating a connection.

Add credentials

The steps for acquiring keys depends on the cloud provider.

For information on obtaining keys, see the following pages:

Note that cloud credentials are shared among users within the PacketFabric account. For example, one user can add the credentials when creating Connection 1, and then another user can reuse them when creating Connection 2.

Edit credentials

Click the edit icon next to the credentials that you want to update. This might be necessary for credentials that are expired or have been compromised.

When editing credentials, you will be required to re-enter the access key. You cannot view or update the key as it was previously entered. You can only modify the description. This prevents users from obtaining the keys and using them elsewhere.

screenshot of edit window for aws key

Delete credentials

You cannot delete credentials that are tied to an active connection. You must first delete any connections using the credentials.

You can identify which credentials are tied to active connections by viewing the Used column:

screenshot of used column