Bandwidth Changes and Cross Connects

If you are upgrading or downgrading your existing bandwidth, this information will outline your options to help you determine which option better fits your needs where your cross connect is concerned.


A) Order a new cross connect

If you need to upgrade or downgrade your existing service, you can order a new cross connect through the PacketFabric portal. Once the cross connect is complete and the physical layer is connected, you can move your traffic from the old interface to the new interface.

After confirming that the new interface works as expected, disconnect the old interface and cross connect. If you ordered a month-to-month plan, this can all be done through the PacketFabric portal. Otherwise, you should contact your Account Manager or CSM for assistance in removing the old interface and PacketFabric-owned cross connect.

B) Using existing cross connect by way of a hot cut

If you do not want to order a new connection or wish to continue using the existing cross connect cabling (and if the data center supports this activity), you can request a hot cut. “Hot cut” is the term for when traffic is interrupted so that a connection can be moved or altered. There are two ways this can be accomplished:

  • Move the physical connection from the old interface/panel position to the new interface/panel position on both ends of the cross-connect. If the cross connect is PacketFabric-owned, coordinate with your Account Manager or CSM. If the cross connect is customer-owned, submit a smart hands ticket or a disconnect/reconnect ticket with the data center along with the new interface on both sides and your date/time to move the connection.

  • If you want to maintain the cable location on your MMR panel, you can leave the cable on the existing ports and swap out the optics on your router/switching device. Contact your Account Manager or CSM beforehand as this will still involve moving the cross connect cable on the PacketFabric end.