August 17, 2023 Release Notes

New features

PacketFabric Quick Internet

Quick Internet leverages the AS1828 transit network to provide high-speed internet connectivity for PacketFabric customers anywhere in the U.S. and EMEA.

When you create a new Cloud Router connection, you will now see Quick Internet listed as an option:

Quick Internet

For more information, see Add Quick Internet and Blog post - Quick Internet: The Future of Internet Connectivity.

Changes and enhancements

  • Added a warning when deleting Cloud Router connections to Microsoft Azure that the user needs to first ensure that all peering has been deleted from the Azure side first.

  • Added a warning when deleting point-to-point connections in cases where one of the ports is still operationally up (meaning the cross connect is still in place).

  • Removed the restriction that a Cloud Router connection needed to have BGP fully configured before adding a Quick Connect service.

  • When creating a Quick Connect or marketplace virtual circuit, users will now see a disclaimer that their contact information will be shared with the service provider.

  • We updated our Terms and Conditions to include an IP Transit Addendum.

  • The details for services will now include the user who created the service and who last updated it:

    Last updated by

Bug fixes

  • The response for /v2/services/cloud/connections/dedicated was missing the site field.
  • Fixed a workflow issue that occurred when provisioning Microsoft Azure connections.
  • Fixed a regression in the default sorting for v2/ports.
  • /v2/marketplace/services?q= should accept the company name as a search query.
  • Fixed an issue where NAT pool addresses were not deprovisioning fully upon service deletion.
  • The Optics graph on port details pages was not displaying correctly when lane 4 was selected.