Delete a Google Dedicated Interconnect

You have 24 hours to delete a Dedicated cloud port without incurring a financial penalty. This is regardless of the contract terms you selected.

Once that window has passed, and if you selected a 12, 24, or 36-month service term, then you must pay an early termination fee. This fee is equal to the amount remaining on your contract, but does not include any additional financial penalties for early termination.


Delete any virtual circuits connected to the Dedicated port.

If you have a cross connect managed through PacketFabric, you must delete that before you can remove the port.

Delete the PacketFabric connection

  1. Log in to the PacketFabric portal and go to the Dedicated Cloud page.
  2. Click the connection to open its side panel and then select Delete.
  3. A confirmation message appears. Enter “Delete” in the field provided and click Delete Connection.

Disconnect the Google VLAN attachment

Then remove the associated VLAN attachment.

  1. From the Google Cloud Console, locate the VLAN attachment for the interconnect that you are deleting. Its status should now be Defunct.
  2. Click the overflow menu next to the attachment and select Delete.
  3. A confirmation message appears. Click Delete.

Delete the Google physical interconnect

  1. From the Physical connections tab, select Options for the interconnect.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Enter the interconnect name.
  4. Click Delete this interconnect.

Remove the on-ramp cross connect

Contact your PacketFabric Implementation and Service Delivery Coordinator to let us know that we should disconnect the PacketFabric-Google cross connect. We will work with the data center to ensure that it is removed.