April 8, 2021 Release Notes

New features

Dedicated AWS and Google Cloud connections to Cloud Router (100 Gbps connections)

You can now connect a Dedicated cloud connection (AWS or Google) to a Cloud Router.

Because Dedicated cloud connections have a larger capacity, this means that you can add connections up to 100 Gbps for AWS and Google.

For more information, see Add a Dedicated Cloud Connection to the Cloud Router.

100 Gbps access ports for Cloud Routers

When connecting an access port to a Cloud Router, you can now select 100 Gbps ports.

For more information, see Add a Connection from a Port to the Cloud Router.

Changes and enhancements

Disable provisioning during updates

To prevent errors during major code releases, we have added the ability to temporarily disable provisioning.

If you attempt to provision during one of these windows, you will see the following message:

Provisioning is temporarily disabled due to scheduled maintenance. We expected provisioning to be available again at <datetime>

Show all virtual circuit types by default

By default, the virtual circuits list will now show all types of virtual circuits:

VC List

Other updates

  • Replaced the old “Create” icon button from the Contacts page.
  • Added a GDPR-compliant notification to the portal, which allows users to review and accept our cookie policy.
  • Improved standardization and accuracy of outbound cross connect pricing.

Bug fixes

  • In the virtual circuits list, the columns were not properly grouped under the Interface A and Interface Z headings.
  • Error encountered when generating service order forms for cross connects.
  • Message related to Oracle BGP displayed in unrelated menus.
  • Attempting to delete an AWS Hosted connection would fail.
  • Navigating from cloud connection details redirected to the wrong page.
  • Point-to-point and cloud connection pages failed to display certain graphs.
  • Performing searches that required metrics API calls returned errors.
  • Cloud Router count on the sidebar was not refreshing when adding/removing routers.
  • Certain virtual circuit speeds were not displaying properly.
  • BGP settings were accepting addresses that were not valid IPs.
  • BGP settings were not properly validating certain inputs.
  • Error encountered in service settings when certain parameters were missing.
  • Page to create Dedicated cloud connections was allowing users to select unnecessary options.
  • Users could configure BGP settings before the connection was fully provisioned.
  • Cross connect requests failing with a “LAG” error.
  • BGP settings pages were incorrectly preventing users from leaving optional fields blank.

Knowledge base

New pages