September 30, 2021 Release Notes

Changes and enhancements

Early termination process for virtual circuits

Up until now, you could only use the portal and API to delete a virtual circuit if it was on an hourly or month-to-month contract. Otherwise, you would need to work with your Implementation and Service Delivery Coordinator.

This release introduces a process that allows you to delete in-term virtual circuits. You will be required to pay the remaining balance on your contract, prorated to the day:

Early termination fee

Stream events for ports and virtual circuits (Beta)

Using our streaming telemetry, you can now subscribe to ports and virtual circuits to receive events and metric information.

For more information, see Streaming Events - Beta.

Bug fixes

  • Hosted AWS connection upgrades were failing with a VLAN error.
  • Hosted Oracle connection upgrades were failing to complete.
  • Hosted Google connection upgrades were failing due to insufficient header size.
  • The character limit for Cloud Router names was too short. It is now 150 characters.
  • Incorrect tooltip displayed for disabled ports.