Create a Port

Provisioning a port is the first step towards building your network.

From one single port, you can provision up to 4,000 virtual circuits (as capacity allows).

Once your port is created, you have 24 hours to delete it without incurring any financial penalty.

After 24 hours, charges begin to accrue. Billing begins when the Operational status flips to Up (which is based on optic light readings).

For more details, refer to your MSA.

Create a port

Log in to the PacketFabric portal. From the Dashboard, select Interface under Create New Services:

screenshot of Dashboard create buttons

Complete the following fields:

Select Port Location

Select a site where you already have a presence.

Select Port Details
Select Speed
Select a speed for your interface.
This option is only available when you select 1 Gbps.
Select Optic
The available optics depends on the location and speed you have selected. All PacketFabric connections use single-mode fiber.
Select Availability Zone
Availability zones are isolated from each other, offering backup during maintenance outages and protection in case one zone fails. For redundancy, you should have your ports spread across different zones.
NOTE: If you intend to use this port in a LAG interface, keep in mind that all LAG members must be in the same availability zone.
Port Confirmation
Port Description
Enter a descriptive name for your port.
Billing and Term Selection
Select the appropriate billing account to associate with this service.
From Select Subscription Term, select a contract length for this port.
TIP: Note how the Billing Summary numbers change based on the subscription term. Longer contract lengths come at a discounted price.

Review your information. When everything is correct, click Place Order.

The port might need a few minutes to provision.

Next steps

Before you can access the PacketFabric network, you need to physically connect your equipment to ours.

For more information, see Cross Connects.

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