Order a Cross Connect


When you order a cross connect, you must provide an LOA/CFA authorizing PacketFabric access to your equipment.

If you are unfamiliar with authoring an LOA, we have provided a template.

Under the channel facility assignment, you can add, remove, or rename fields as necessary. These fields serve as instructions for the data center technicians on where to locate your equipment and install the cross connect.

Order the cross connect

You can initiate a cross connect order in several ways.

Select port first

  • From Network > Interfaces, click the port to open its side panel and then select Actions > Cross Connect.

    Screenshot of the port overflow menu

  • From the port details page, click Create Cross Connect in the upper right.

Select port later

  • Go to Network > Cross Connects and click Create a Cross Connect in the upper right.

  • From the dashboard, click Cross Connect under Create New Service.

    Screenshot of the cross connect button

NOTE: If these actions are unavailable, or if a port does not appear in the list of eligible ports to select, this means that the interface is likely located in a data center that does not support outbound cross connects.
  1. If you initiated this action from the dashboard or Cross Connects page, you are shown a list of ports that are eligible for a cross connect order. Select a port and then click Next.

  2. Under Connection Details, you are shown the NRC (non-recurring costs), MRC (monthly recurring costs), and any additional costs (such as a disconnection fee). These fees vary by site.

  3. In the Description field, enter a brief name for the cross connect and click Next.

  4. Click the upload icon to upload your LOA/CFA.

  5. Click Order.

Create an Outbound Cross Connect - POST