Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect Overview

Oracle FastConnect allows you to create a private, direct connection to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure environment without traversing the public internet. This means your connection is faster, more secure, and allows for a higher bandwidth.

basic PacketFabric to Oracle setup

Private vs. public virtual circuits

Each FastConnect connection is built as either a private or public virtual circuit.

NOTE: Oracle uses the term “virtual circuit” for the actual FastConnect connection. This is different than (but similar to) PacketFabric’s virtual circuits.
Most customers will use a private virtual circuit. This is a private connection to resources in your Oracle VCN (Virtual Cloud Network).
A private virtual circuit requires an Oracle DRG (Dynamic Routing Gateway).
Reach OCI public services while still bypassing the public internet.
Public services include Object Storage, OCI Console and APIs, and public load balancers in your VCN.


See PacketFabric Cloud On-Ramp Locations.


PacketFabric follows the standard Hosted cloud connectivity prices found here: Pricing

Oracle charges by port hour. For more information, see FastConnect Pricing and FastConnect FAQ.

Technical notes and specifications

General notes

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    • Specification
    • Notes
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    • Available capacities
    • 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, 5 Gbps, or 10 Gbps
      (Oracle does not support connections under 1 Gbps)
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    • Redundancy
    • There is no inherent redundancy in a FastConnect virtual circuit. You can add redundancy by building a secondary connection across unique equipment to avoid having a single point of failure. For more information, see OCI Docs - FastConnect Redundancy Best Practices.
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    • Jumbo frame support
    • Up to 9000 bytes

BGP notes

You must set up BGP between your on-premises router and OCI to reach your VPC.

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    • Specification
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    • Oracle-side ASN
    • 31898
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    • Client-side ASN

    • Public: You can use the PacketFabric public ASN 4556 or a public ASN owned by you.

      Private: Select a private ASN from 64512-65533.
      65534 is reserved for OCI use.

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    • IP subnet ranges
    • Specify a /30 or /31 range. One pair per virtual circuit.
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    • Prefix limit
    • Public virtual circuits: 200 prefixes.
      Private virtual circuits: 2000 prefixes.
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    • IPv6
    • Not supported.
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    • Keep-alive interval
    • 60 seconds
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    • Hold-time interval
    • 180 seconds

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