Cloud Connectivity Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions about all services and support, see the PacketFabric FAQ.

Can I change the VLAN on a Hosted cloud connection? I do not see a way to change this in the portal.

The VLAN ID on Hosted cloud connections cannot be modified once the circuit is created.

If you need to change the VLAN ID of an existing connection, you need to delete the connection and then re-provision it with the desired ID.

Depending on the cloud service provider (CSP), you should be able to reuse the unique identifier provided on the cloud side (e.g. pairing key, service key, etc.)

Are there any extended contract terms (12-month, 24-month, etc.) available for Hosted cloud connections?

No, Hosted cloud connections are currently only available on monthly terms.

Do I need to reprovision my monthly Hosted cloud connection at the end of each month?

No, the connection automatically renews.

How many bytes should I set for my MTU on cloud connections?

For access ports, point-to-point, backbone virtual circuits, set your MTU to 9000 bytes.

For cloud connections, check the cloud service provider requirements:

  • AWS Direct Connect: When creating a Direct Connect virtual interface, you can optionally enable jumbo frames at either 8500 (Transit VIF) or 9001 (Private VIF) bytes. If you do not enable jumbo frames, or if you use static routes, the MTU is 1500 bytes. For more information, see Setting network MTU for private virtual interfaces or transit virtual interfaces.

  • Google Cloud Interconnect: Google allows a maximum of 1500 bytes.

  • Azure ExpressRoute: Azure allows a maximum of 1500 bytes.

  • IBM Direct Link: IBM allows a maximum of 1500 bytes.

  • Oracle FastConnect: Oracle allows a maximum of 9000 bytes.