Cross Connects for Access Ports

The cross connect is the physical connection within a data center between your equipment and PacketFabric. Each cross connect typically includes a connection fee, a monthly recurring fee, and a disconnection fee. These vary depending on the site.

There are two ways you can handle the cross connect setup:

Customer Outbound/PacketFabric Inbound
  • PacketFabric provides you with an LOA/CFA authorizing the connection.
  • You contact the data center to request the cross connect.
  • You pay all cross connect fees directly to the provider (the data center).
  • When you terminate service, you are responsible for ensuring the cross connect is disconnected.
Customer Inbound/PacketFabric Outbound
  • You provide PacketFabric with an LOA/CFA authorizing us to make the connection.
  • We are responsible for working with the provider to ensure the connection is installed.
  • You pay all cross connect fees to PacketFabric.
  • When you terminate service, we manage the disconnection process.


  • You can only order a PacketFabric outbound cross connect if your equipment is already in the same POP as PacketFabric. We cannot accept an LOA that names a third party.
  • PacketFabric outbound cross connects are not offered at all locations.

Pre-patched panels

All PacketFabric equipment is pre-patched and pre-cabled and ready for connectoins. This means that we just need to complete any patching to your local side that is not already in place.

PacketFabric inbound

  1. From Network > Interfaces, click the overflow menu next to the port and select Generate LOA.

    Screenshot of the port overflow menu

  2. In the field provided, ensure the company name is the same as the entity name that your rack or cage space is registered under with the colocation facility.

  3. Click Generate.

Provide the generated PDF to the data center for cross connect installation. Once connected, the Operational Status for that connection reads as Up.

PacketFabric outbound

  1. Create an LOA/CFA authorizing a cross connect from PacketFabric.

    If you are unfamiliar with authoring an LOA, we have provided a template.

    Under the channel facility assignment, you can add, remove, or rename fields as necessary. These fields serve as instructions for the data center technicians on where to locate your equipment and install the cross connect.

  2. From Network > Interfaces, click the overflow menu next to the port and select Cross Connect.

    Screenshot of the port overflow menu

    If this action is unavailable, this likely indicates that the interface is located in a data center that does not support this process.

  3. The Create a Cross Connect page provides the NRC (non-recurring costs), MRC (monthly recurring costs), and any additional costs (such as a disconnection fee). These fees vary by site.

  4. In the Description field, enter a brief name for the cross connect.

  5. Click the upload icon to upload the LOA you created in step 1.

  6. Click Order.

You are redirected to the port details page. From here you can track the progress of the cross connect installation:

Screenshot of the outbound cross connect on port details page

Cross connect order status

The cross connect representation includes interface details and is updated with the following statuses (if applicable):

  • Row
    • Status
    • Description
  • Row
    • Order Received
    • We have received the cross connect order.
  • Row
    • Order Review
    • We are evaluating the order to ensure that we have all the required information.
  • Row
    • Pending Approval
    • We have submitted a request to the data center and are waiting for a response.
  • Row
    • In Progress
    • The order has been confirmed and the cross connect is being installed.
  • Row
    • Quality Review
    • The cross connect has been installed and we are ensuring everything is working correctly.
  • Row
    • Completed
    • The cross connect has been installed, tested, and accepted. It is ready to use.
  • Row
    • Canceled
    • The order has been canceled.
  • Row
    • Change Required
    • The order has been reopened after being canceled, or rework is required.
Billing does not begin until the cross connect installation is completed and ready to use.

Deleting a cross connect

You can decommission the cross connect from the port details page:

Screenshot of the outbound cross connect on port details page with the Delete action outlined

For example, you might want to remove the cross connect if you are moving or upgrading your equipment, changing how you are connecting to us, or if the connection is faulty.

Once removed, you will be able to repeat the steps above to order a new cross connect.