Cross Connects for Point-to-Point Connections

A point-to-point connection requires two cross connects. These can be a combination of PacketFabric inbound or outbound cross connects.

Customer Outbound/PacketFabric Inbound
  • PacketFabric provides you with an LOA/CFA authorizing the connection.
  • You contact the data center to request the cross connect.
  • You pay all cross connect fees directly to the provider (the data center).
  • When you terminate service, you are responsible for ensuring the cross connect is disconnected.
Customer Inbound/PacketFabric Outbound
  • You provide PacketFabric with an LOA/CFA authorizing us to make the connection.
  • We are responsible for working with the provider to ensure the connection is installed.
  • You pay all cross connect fees to PacketFabric.
  • When you terminate service, we manage the disconnection process.


  • You can only order a PacketFabric outbound cross connect if your equipment is already in the same POP as PacketFabric. We cannot accept an LOA that names a third party.
  • PacketFabric outbound cross connects are not offered at all locations.

Pre-patched panels

All PacketFabric equipment is pre-patched and pre-cabled and ready for connectoins. This means that we just need to complete any patching to your local side that is not already in place.

PacketFabric inbound

  1. Click the overflow menu next to your point-to-point connection and select Generate LOA.

    screenshot of the overflow menu

  2. The following window appears:

    screenshot of the LOA popup

  3. In the fields provided, ensure the company name is the same as the entity name that your rack or cage space is registered under with the colocation facility.

  4. Click Generate. You should see two tabs open with an LOA for each port location (assuming you selected both).

    NOTE: If you do not see two tabs open, ensure you are allowing pop-ups from

Provide the generated PDF to the data center for cross connect installation. Once connected, the Operational Status for that connection reads as Up.

To access these LOAs in the future, click the overflow menu next to the connection, select View, and then select Documents from the left menu. All related documents, including LOAs, are available to download from this table.

PacketFabric outbound

At this time, you can only order a PacketFabric outbound cross connect when creating the point-to-point connection. This can be for either the source port, the destination port, or both.

When you create a point-to-point connection, each side of the connection has a field for ordering a cross connect:

screenshot of the LOA popup

NOTE: Not all data centers support PacketFabric outbound cross connects. If you do not see this option, the most likely reason is that they are not supported in that facility.

From here, you can select one of the following options.

  • Yes: Upload an LOA/CFA authorizing a cross connect from PacketFabric. A Customer Success Manager will keep you updated on installation status.

    If you are unfamiliar with authoring an LOA, we have provided a template.

    Under the channel facility assignment, you can add, remove, or rename fields as necessary. These fields serve as instructions for the data center technicians on where to locate your equipment and install the cross connect.

  • No: After the connection provisions, you can generate an LOA from PacketFabric authorizing a cross connect from your equipment to ours. You will need to work directly with the colocation facility to have the cross connect installed.