Marketplace Services

To appear in the marketplace directory, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have enabled searchability from the Company Profile page.

  • You have at least one published marketplace service.

For more information on visibility, see Customize Your Marketplace Profile.

Once a marketplace service is created, you can toggle whether the service is published and open to connect requests. When publishing is disabled, the service is hidden from all users.

Create a marketplace service

  1. Click Create Marketplace Service in the upper right.

  2. Under Details, provide a name, SKU, and description. The name and description are visible to other users.

    Toggle the Published option to allow users to select this service when creating a virtual circuit.

    NOTE: You must have at least one published service before your company appears in the directory.
  3. Select one or more categories. These categories appear as filtering options when browsing the marketplace.

  4. Select one or more of locations in which you have provisioned PacketFabric ports. If you have multiple ports at a location, you will be able to select a specific port when provisioning the connection request.

Manage marketplace services

Click Edit next to the service.

From here you can change details or remove visibility to the service by unpublishing it.