The Bulk Provision Quote Tool allows you to create multiple services at once.

The tool reflects real-time information from the PacketFabric POPs. For example, if there are only 20 ports available at certain location, and you attempt to order 21, an error message appears.

NOTE: You can use this tool to create multiple ports, multiple virtual circuits from those ports, and multiple point-to-point services.

However, you cannot use this page to create multiple virtual circuits from previously provisioned ports. The Virtual Circuits forms pull their information from the selections you make under Physical Ports.

To create a new quote, do one of the following:

  • Go to Billing > Quotes and Bulk Provisioning and click Create in the upper right.

  • Or go to Network > Interfaces and click Create in the upper right and then select Create Multiple Ports.

For more information, see Create Multiple Ports.

Managing Existing Quotes

From the Billing > Quotes and Bulk Provisioning page, you can view and manage your previous quotes. The quotes are separated by those that have already been provisioned and ones that have been saved but have not resulted in any services yet.

The following actions are available:

View SOF: View and download the service order form as a PDF.

View Quote: Open the Bulk Provision Quote Tool with your previous selections added.

Delete Quote: Delete the quote and SOF (if one exists).


When you create the quote, you are seeing real-time data as to what services are available. If you save and return to the quote, there is no guarantee that what you selected will still be available.