Manage Billing and Invoices

Log in to the PacketFabric portal and select Billing.


Under Manage Billing, you have the following options:

  • Billing Items
  • Billing Accounts
  • Invoices

Billing Items

This is a sortable list of all your billable services. You can filter by billing account and product type, or search for a specific product.

Billing Accounts

From here you can create, edit, and delete billing accounts or billing contacts.

When you have multiple billing accounts, you can select which billing account to use when creating services. Separate invoices are generated for each account.

  • To create a new billing account, click Add a New Billing Account in the upper right.

  • To edit an existing quote, click Edit next to the account.

Enter a name for the billing account manager or select Use PO Number to use a purchase order number instead. Complete the remaining fields with the appropriate contact information.

Note: The email address you specify receives a monthly notification with invoice information.


Select a billing account and date range to view and download previous invoices. Invoices can appear with the following statuses:

  • Finalized: The invoice includes all charges and is ready to be paid.
  • Overdue: The invoice has not been paid and it has been more than 30 days since the invoice date.
  • Closed: Payment has been received and applied.

To pay online with a credit card, click Make Payment. Otherwise you can mail or wire us payment. You can find our mailing address and account information in your invoice.